Good post. Thanks. I would add that in order to make it feel more like home, you can’t have all kids the same age in the same “home”. No family is like that, except maybe Octomom’s. It’s not natural or normal for human children to be with all children their own age all day, all the time.

A one room school with kids of different ages would make it seem more like a family, with the older kids helping the younger ones. It’s amazing to watch an irresponsible teen goofing around with his buddies suddenly become responsible when given the task of caring for and helping a younger student. Transformative.

My daughter is homeschooled. We tried a nice private school last year. It had a nice atmosphere- much more “homey” than a public school. But not as “homey” as home. It was stressful. Every evening was pressure and study. No time for reading for pleasure, for family time. Hardly time to eat or sleep.

Her tastes somehow changed to match the same preference in movies, clothes, music, books, etc. as every other girl in her class. It seemed that she had lost herself.

Now, it’s much more relaxed with her at home. She gets as much sleep as she needs. We have some tutors to help her. She reads for pleasure again. And she is close to her parents. And she has her own ideas and opinions, which may or may not be the same as the other kids.


Every Child Should Be Home-schooled

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