What most omnivores don’t know is that if we go on eating such huge amounts of meat, the greatest glaciers will melt down so that 2 billions of PEOPLE won’t have any water left anymore. Right, those glaciers are of vital importance for 2 fucking billion people. Yes, of course we should care about the people, but if we can be healthy and happy without this cruelty, why shouldnt we choose to live without it? It causes more pollution than all vehicles of the world AND it saves peoples lives as well

anon on fucknovegans 

vegan propaganda or the people who believe it; i don’t know which is funnier! 

actually it’s very,very scary how uninformed most of them are and how prepared to believe anything that supports their dogma. 

like pro lifers who think that there’s a mini baby in the uterus after a few weeks. 

sad,really :(

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Idiot Gets Harvested


Billings, Montana, Nov. 7

On a farm outside of Billings on Wednesday, a farmer harvesting corn felt a bump. Upon shutting the combine down and investigating, he discovered a screaming 57 year old man sucked into the cutter of the combine. The man, who had been on a bus tour, had decided that taking a nap in a corn field was ‘a good idea’. The man miraculously survived with relatively minor injuries.

I shall refrain from comment.

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Stuff and Nonsense: Education and Careers Or, how to f**k up your kids


Schools, especially at the high school and college level, are turning to what some are calling ‘career focused education’. What it basically means is that in an attempt to save money by avoiding teaching classes on, oh, let’s say literature, art, the humanities, schools should instead concentrate…

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Old Homosexual Warning Video (by urbanguy99)